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Robert Rund

Robert Rund grew up in Saint Louis, Missouri, playing ragtime piano and singing barbershop since the age of seven. He began composing and arranging music in his teens. Today, he has an eclectic taste of music and art that spans many styles and genres, but continues to be drawn to vocal and acapella music, particularly in the barbershop style.

In the barbershop world, Rund has written over 40 arrangements, many of which have been performed and recorded by international champion quartets and medalist choruses. Many of these arrangements were spawned by his own quartet singing in the early 1990s with Doubletake, who became Barbershop Harmony Society’s 1993 Mid-Atlantic District Champion in their first district competition and represented this district twice at the International Competition.

More recently, Rund became a founding member, assistant director and arranger for the Palmetto Vocal Project, a chorus based in Mount Pleasant, SC. The chapter formed in September, 2011, and in their first contest, singing two of Rund’s new charts (“Tomorrow Is Promised To No One,” and “I’m Gonna Live Till I Die”) won the 2012 Carolinas District Contest and qualified to represent NSC at the 2013 International Competition in Toronto.

Through the years, many internationally recognized quartets and choruses have performed and recorded Rund’s arrangements. The list includes international champion quartets Keepsake (1992), Platinum (2002), and Gotcha! (2004), Storm Front (2010), medalist Backbeat, finalists Forefront, Jukebox, Bayside Edition and Wheelhouse; and medalist choruses Sound of the Rockies (Denver, CO) and West Towns Chorus (Lombard, IL). In the U.K., his charts have been sung by national champion British Association of Barbershop Singers (BABS) quartets Evolution (2009) and Hooked on Harmony (1996). Rund’s arrangements have also been sung and recorded by 2009 Sweet Adelines International Champion Quartet, Moxie Ladies (2009), and the 2004 Sweet Adelines International silver medalist Skyline Chorus (Denver, CO).

In addition, Rund has composed vocal music outside the barbershop style including SATB choral works such as “Six Choral Settings to the Poems of Robert Frost,” and “Letter to My Principal,” (poem by Edwin Romond) written for and dedicated to the New Jersey Association of Independent School’s All-State Chorus and premiered at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC).

“Song of the contest – again. For the record, we loved it in Nashville [2001 International Convention] and declared it the song of the contest last year [2002 Portland International Convention], but now everyone else seems to have fallen in love with “What More Can a Soldier Give?” by GOTCHA! Now the quartet’s most requested song, the piece looks to have a long working life ahead of it.”

– The Harmonizer Magazine, September/October 2003

Everybody's Walkin' Down in New Orleans: This is an original song that strolls reminiscently through a bygone era, interweaving threads of "Basin Street Blues" and "Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?". Slow swing.

Penthouse Serenade: This slow swing was published in 1931, written by Will Jason and Val Burton, and sung by Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett and many others. This arrangement can be sung in swing or straight 8ths.

P.S. I Love You: Written in 1934 by Gordon Jenkins and Johnny Mercer, this song has been sung by the likes of such famous songsters ranging from Billie Holliday to Bette Midler, and has been featured in several motion pictures. This arrangement is written as a bass solo.

Sweet, Sweet Roses of Morn: This arrangement pays homage to the barbershop polecat, however, it adds an original verse, key change and second chorus. Contestable.

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