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Twice each month a different Barbershop arranger will be featured, along with 3-4 of his/her recent works. One of them might be great for your chorus or quartet.

Joey Minshall

Joey Minshall is an accomplished arranger, quartet singer, and choral director. She's also a certified music therapist. Joey is Associate Master Director of the Westcoast Harmony Chorus in Surrey, British Columbia, which recently placed 2nd in the AA Harmony Classic contest in Seattle. Her creative arrangements have been performed and recorded around the world by top quartets and choruses. Her full catalog can be found online at and her FaceBook page at

Ain't No Mountain High Enough is a blockbuster R&B/soul hit from the '60s. It's arranged for chorus with quartet layer and was recorded by Lions Gate Chorus. Only available to SAI members.

Take a Chance on Me is an ABBA hit that is available for four parts or in a more complex layered version. Only available to SAI members.

Too Darn Hot was inspired by Ella Fitzgerald's version. It's written for chorus with a solo segment, but is also available in four voices. Recorded by Sunlight Chorus, it's only available to SAI members.

Here and Now (Matt Munro) is a snappy opener with jazzy rhythms and great lyrics. It was recorded by the Buzz and the Melodeers chorus. Available to all.

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