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Kevin Keller

A society member since 1978, Kevin has belonged to several choruses, including the Vocal Majority and Ambassadors of Harmony. Kevin sang baritone with Cheers!, 2003 6th place International Finalists, arranging most of their repertoire. He has sung in numerous other quartets, including the CSD District champions “The EIB Quartet”. Kevin is an arranger, with his music being sung by numerous quartets and choruses at all levels. A certified music judge, Kevin served as Music Category Specialist from 2008-2010. Kevin will be the Society Contest & Judging Chairman for 2012-2013. He has also served on the Society’s Music Publication Committee.

Kevin is a popular teacher and coach in District Schools and Top Gun schools across the Society. A certified director, Kevin has directed the Belleville Sounds of Harmony and was an Assistant Director with AoH for many years. Outside of barbershop music, he has performed with the St. Louis Symphony Chorus, The Ohio State Men’s Glee Club, and other collegiate ensembles.

In his spare moments, Kevin is a Quality Systems Manager with Anheuser Busch-Inbev and is also a senior faculty member at the Keller School of Management of DeVry University. His wife, Ann, also sings barbershop, and is the visual coordinator for the Riverblenders’ chorus in Chesterfield, MO. Kevin and Ann make up half of City Nights, a vocal jazz quartet, where Kevin also does most of the arrangements. Check out Kevin's arrangements on his website.

Gotta Lot of Rhythm in my Soul: This Patsy Cline number is a rip-roaring uptune from start to finish. If you want a toe-tapping, catchy tune, this is it. Available for both men and women.

(You Are) My Special Angel: This ballad from the 50’s works wonderfully in the barbershop style and is certainly contestable in BHS and HI. Available for both men and women.

Africa: Inspired by the Jazzile Perpetuum performance on YouTube, this is the barbershop version of the famous Toto hit. Available for both men and women.

Feed the Birds: Yes, that Mary Poppins classic ballad. Contestable at least in BHS and HI. Available for men and a women’s version could be legalized.

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