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Twice each month a different Barbershop arranger will be featured, along with 3-4 of his/her recent works. One of them might be great for your chorus or quartet.

Dennis Driscoll

Dennis ("Denny") Driscoll first began arranging for his teen-age barbershop quartet in the late 1940's, and was first published by the Barbershop Society, as well as commercially, in the 1960's. Since then a continuous stream of arrangements has sprung from his creative genius, arrangements for both men and women, arrangements in four, five, and even eight parts, arrangements that run the gamut from purely classical to modern to (of course!) barbershop.

During his time as an arranger in the Barbershop Harmony Society, he has become known for turning out fun arrangements with stackable chords and voice leading that is very singable. He's had numerous arrangements directly published by the Society, and has many others that he distributes directly. Be sure to check out the offerings on his website.

Especially for women:

An Occasional Man - Talk about "I am woman, hear me roar," this one sets new standards for female chauvinism.

Try A Little Tenderness - Just the opposite of the above.

For men or women:

When I Lost You - Some unusual harmonic twists to this classic Berlin ballad.

Tired Hands - The most poignant mother song ever.

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