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Peg Millard

Peg Millard holds a BS in Music Education with a minor in Applied Music. She is currently retired but was a past Certified Chorus Director, Past Certified Music Judge, Past Quartet Champion and coached many different quartets. She was a public school music teacher, and a church choir director for many years.

Malotte's "Lord's Prayer" speaks for itself and is true to the original music, only done in the Barbershop Style.

"Call Me A Taxi" is a cute novelty song that was never published, but a friend of mine used to cut demo recordings and she gave it to me. It is now a cleared Barbershop arrangement and would make a dandy number for a female quartet - it's a song with an "attitude" and has a lot of dramatic possibilities. It starts right out with the lyrics "Well as usual you're late, can't you ever keep a date? Save your apologies. Don't call me Sweetie, Cutie , Dumpling, Baby, Call me A Taxi, Please!" And it gets better from there on.

"Don't Blame Me" (for falling in love with you)

"A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes"

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