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Lynn Haldeman

Lynn Haldeman has been a barbershopper for 4 years. He has an M. A. in Music Education from the U of O. He is also a professional accordionist. Lynn was awarded the Lou Perry scholarship in 2010, his 3rd try at the coveted award.

New York, New York Medley was Lynn's 2008 Lou Perry submission. Lynn often plays at retirement centers. One tune he plays is "Sidewalks of New York," because people like to sing along. Soon he started morphing into "New, York, New York." Eureka! Lynn was inspired to arrange this catchy medley in the barbershop style. After input from Mel Knight (a 2008 Lou Perry adjudicator), Tom Robinson, Don Gray & Dr. Rob Hopkins (at 2010 Harmony University), the arrangement is now ready to be taken seriously. Available for women's voices. $25 arranger's fee.

Liverpool Lou was Lynn's 2009 Lou Perry submission. This tune was made popular by the Irish Rovers. Think St. Patrick's Day. Or as a complement to "My Wild Irish Rose." Can we ever have too much Irish music? Dr. Rob Hopkins evaluated this arrangement at 2010 Harmony University. The suggested changes have been implemented. Not yet in the BHS catalogue.

Calling all young quartets! The most performed song in the U. S. A. is...Happy Birthday. Well, the Beatles recorded a happy birthday song too. Lynn has arranged this in the barbershop style. Dr. Rob said the arrangement was perfect--except for the last note! That flaw has been fixed. For $15 each (total $60) the first quartet to contact Lynn can gain the right to perform this upbeat rendition. Regular price = $100, Lynn will waive his arranger's fee. The $60 is paid to BHS, and goes to the copyright owner. Also available for women's voices.

Tie Me To Your Apron Strings Again was Lynn's project for a Bridge Town Sound arranger's workshop taught by Paul Olguin. Too late, Lynn learned that this tune was already in the BHS files. Dr. Rob, again at 2010 Harmony University, pointed out the weak spots. Dr. Rob's concerns have been fully addressed. We're talking vintage barbershop here. Ideal tune for Forest Grove (Oregon) ballad contest, but not yet in the BHS catalogue.

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