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Jean Sutton

As a teacher Jean’s career was in North East UK, leaving in 1997. From piloting & research she gained a Ph.D. in Music Education re curriculum planning, assessment/recording & reporting achievement, also providing vocal coaching & workshops to music associations & educational establishments.

Hobbies have always had a musical slant, singing from Bach to the Beatles in a variety of genre. She also performed semi-professionally, singing pop, folk & Early English Music in duet, quartet & octet. She still arranges choral music. The Brave New World of 1984 introduced her to Barbershop through Tyneside Ladies & she joined the LABBS Judging Programme in Arrangement in 1986. She has been Category Director in Arrangement & started the team work to become the first Music Category Director.

She has judged Music Festivals (including New Ross, Winchester, Reigate, Harrogate and The Llangollen International Eisteddfod) as well as Barbershop Prelims and Conventions in Holland, Ireland, & the UK whilst shadow judging in the USA.

Still arranging, coaching & judging, she now works as Music Resources Co-ordinator, & TONSIL Representative for LABBS. She has been Chorus Director to 4 Clubs in both LABBS & BABS, & is currently directing The Harton Harmonizers (South Shields). She trained as a Coach with SPEBSQSA (BHS) & was the first woman accepted on their coaching programme.

This Boy or This Girl: a Lennon & McCartney classic. Arranged initially for BABS “The Peers of Harmony”.

I Will (up-dated version with Beatles Tag): an emotional lilting ballad from the legendary pens of UK heroes Lennon & McCartney arranged for The Peers of Harmony. & added new tag for Phoenix (LABBS).

God So Loved The World: anthem from Stainer’s “The Crucifixion” No 9 arranged for Stephen Rafe (BHS chorus).

A Winter’s Tale by Mike Batt: the sad story of a parting with longing, wonder & loneliness. Arranged for BABS The Peers of Harmony.

See the entire collection of Jean Sutton's music at Stay Sharp Music.

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