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Jon Nicholas

Jon Nicholas lives in Lexington, Kentucky, where he has directed the Kentuckians, the Lexington chapter chorus, since 2002. He is a two-time Cardinal District champion baritone, singing with The Class of '84 and The Sensations. He also has numerous international chorus medals, including two golds, from singing with the Louisville Thoroughbreds. A prolific arranger, Jon also writes original songs. His website at gives sample clips of most songs and usually a look at the first page of the chart. He also provides learning tracks of most of his songs at a very reasonable rate.

Daisy Bell (1892) - More commonly known as A Bicycle Built For Two, this song is a must for any quartet that sings at fairs, festivals, ballgames, etc. The arrangement features solos by each part and has an old-fashioned calliope feel. The chart has an optional big tag.

Hey, Soul Sister (2010) - This song was originally sung by the rock group, Train. It reached #1 in 16 countries and went quintuple platinum. This arrangement has become popular with young barbershoppers.

Surfin' Safari (1962) - This Beach Boys classic lists all the great surfing beaches including one in Australia! The arrangement is a comedy piece where the bass (or bass section) gets very excited about all the food they're going to bring along on the surfing trip. As the song progresses, the bass gets more and more out of control, listing various food items, and the other three parts turn on him in exasperation. The tag is an all out argument and the other three parts ultimately win.

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