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Twice each month a different Barbershop arranger will be featured, along with 3-4 of his/her recent works. One of them might be great for your chorus or quartet.

Jeremey Johnson

Jeremey Johnson hails from central Indiana where he has been an avid barbershopper since the age of fourteen. With a music education degree and thirteen years of composing and arranging experience in many genres, Jeremey is the founder of High Note Music Industries ( He particularly enjoys arranging songs that have not been done before in the barbershop style and has had his work performed on the BHS International stage. Audio and visual samples of Jeremey's work can be downloaded at

Children of the 80's all remember the movie "Ernest Goes To Camp." Gee, I'm Glad It's Rainin' is the ballad Ernest sings after trying to be a hero to those campers but they made fun of him anyway. That seemingly out of place scene has provided us with a wonderfully emotional ballad very suitable for the contest stage. The range is very reasonable for all four parts, and your quartet will love it! Put this great new chart in your contest repertoire!

The lyric for I Never Can Say Goodbye was written by Stephen Rafe in memoriam of his two sons. The poem has even been read at one of the 9-11 Memorial Services in New York. He asked me to compose original music and arrange it for barbershop. The arrangement is appropriate for performance at all types of memorial events including Memorial Day, Flag Day, and Veteran's Day. And for those looking for an original and unique contest ballad, this one is sure to be a tear jerker you can pour your heart and soul into.

I'll Walk With God has been done before -- but not like this! Consider this the power ballad of your sacred line-up. A fresh, new look at this popular and touching song will leave your audiences wanting more. This arrangement is a bit on the challenging side, but it is worth the extra effort.

The Proposal Song was written by the incomparable Norm Starks. If you thought Singing Valentine's were the perfect opportunity to provide the most memorable gift, think again. This short and simple yet touching tune was designed specifically for wedding proposals. Add this to the list of services your quartet or chorus can provide. The lyric is put together in such a way to allow for great staging with the person actually taking their hand, getting down on one knee, presenting the ring. It would even work for someone in the quartet to be the one popping the question!

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