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Nancy Bergman

Nancy Bergman, Master Arranger, is one of the most respected Sweet Adelines arrangers of all time. She's been arranging for almost 60 years, and is still active in the craft, not only arranging but directing and teaching regional arrangers' workshops. Nancy has hundreds of arrangements to her credit, mostly for the ladies, but some for men. And she keeps releasing new ones. Nancy's extensive catalog can be viewed at

IF (the one made famous by Perry Como) (If I ruled the earth, what would life be worth, IF I hadn't the right to you)....a juicy ballad for the ladies!

IF I LOVE AGAIN This one is available from the BHS music Waesche/Bergman. It's a revoiced-for-women version of the Ed Waesche arrangement. Not easy, but worth the time for advanced groups.

WHEN YOU'RE SMILING A 4-part arrangement of the great Judy Garland presentation of this exciting song! Very fact, a great addition to an Entertainment Package. But not quite compact enough to qualify as a contest vehicle....unless we're getting a little more broadminded (like the guys).

SHANGHAI Folks are loving this jazzy version of the Doris Day hit (Why did I tell you I was going to Shanghai....) - fun, very singable and contest worthy.

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